“Ever since I was a kid, I was not the flexible kind. I started doing Pilates because I heard from my coworkers about how great of a workout they were getting each time Kristen taught a class during lunch. Long story short, I finally ended up coming to a class and tried my best – of course, Kristen encouraged me to come again and let me know that as I start coming on a regular basis, my muscles will learn to be more flexible and allow me to get greater range. After only 4 weeks, I started seeing a major difference in how my body was holding itself up (in AND out of class) as well as how much more flexible my leg muscles, in particular, became after such a short time. If that wasn’t enough, I also found myself getting more lean throughout my body, and especially in my legs and arms, which were always the hardest areas for me to work on. Thank you Kristen, you truly made me a Pilates addict!! I can’t wait to move to the west side so I can start attending your Saturday sessions!”

“Kristen’s pilates class has been the one thing I’ve been missing from my work out routine. I am a triathlete who thought swimming, biking and running were all I needed…until I got injured! A co-worker introduced me to Kristen and now I take her class weekly. I am a stronger and more importantly, healthier triathlete because of it!”

“I took Pilates at the recommendation of my doctor, who thought I needed more weight-bearing activity to help prevent sports injuries. Kristen’s passion for Pilates shows, and after six months of private and group lessons with her, I’m hooked!   As a teacher, Kristen balances cheerful encouragement with butt-kicking poses, all the while giving each client her focused attention. No lesson ever is the same, which keeps me interested and entertained. Because of her careful work, I’ve become aware of the nuances of my own body’s movements and have seen a real difference in my own strength. ”

To say that I was a Pilates novice when I started out with Kristen would be a HUGE understatement - I honestly didn’t even know what Pilates really was. My wife had been going regularly and kept raving about the class, so I decided to see what the fuss was about. Immediately after the first lesson I knew I had found a form of exercise I could really love - I may leave exhausted but I also leave enthusiastic about what I have just accomplished. Kristen takes time to explain each exercise, the essential breathing techniques and how exactly your body should feel while performing each movement. After 8 weeks of classes I have gone from complete novice to confident intermediate, with friends and family asking how I’ve gotten so trim. I thank Kristen for introducing me to Pilates and providing such a great class at such reasonable rates!

I love going to Kristen’s classes because she is SO motivating – I actually look forward to my workouts with her!  She is great at explaining what she wants me to do and how each piece of the workout fits into my larger fitness goals.  Even though I attend the group classes Kristen teaches, I feel like I get real, individual attention.  I often leave my workouts feeling as though I just had a private class.  She gives helpful feedback and is full of ideas – no two classes are ever the same, and I always leave with a (well-earned) smile .”

To feel and watch my body change has been like a slow magic as a result of Kristen’s knowledge of Pilates and of how she carefully learned my body and how to approach it.  I am a unique project for her.  Thanks to her creativity and our hard work, I am stronger and standing straighter than ever .”

“I started doing pilates to rehab a back injury, but I continued it because of awesome teachers like Kristen. Kristen knows that I liked to be challenged in my workouts, but also has a great feel for when I need to slow down or when I need a change of pace to shake up my routine. Pilates with Kristen has become an essential part of my maintaining my good health.”

“We both love working with Kristen. She’s all business and we work hard during our sessions, but we also have fun along the way. Kristen’s Pilates training has helped both of us build our core strength and enhance our fitness for all of the active sports that we enjoy.”