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Swan on ladder barrel

People often ask me “why should I do Pilates” and I think, “why wouldn’t you do it.”  Whether you’re a runner, a cyclist, a dancer, a weight lifter, or even a yogi, Pilates can only benefit you.

I personally don’t see it as just exercise, as it’s become part of my life.  Yes I know, it’s my job of course it’s part of my life, but I love Pilates as both a teacher and a student.  If I don’t do Pilates for a week, I can feel the difference.  Pilates might be a core-focused type of exercise, but you will work your whole body.

Ever since I started doing Pilates, eight years ago, my posture has improved, my low back pain has lessened dramatically, my flexibility has increased, my arms, legs, and butt have become more toned, and I love showing off my back.

I have also witnessed these changes in my clients.  I get a smile on my face when I see one of them stand up tall with their shoulders over their hips and their hips over their ankles.  Who doesn’t want to stand tall?  I might appreciate it more than my clients do, but I know the positive changes that are going on in their bodies.

When you practice Pilates you strengthen your core, which in turn improves your posture and lengthens the spine, which helps the blood flow through your body.  Do you see where I’m going?  The benefits are endless, which brings me back to “why wouldn’t you do Pilates.”