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Photographer Sam Diephius

I am lucky to have photographer, Sam Diephuis, as a friend.  During my photo shoots, Sam captured the essence of Pilates, who I am as a teacher, and what you can expect in a lesson with me. When I looked through the pictures to make my final choices, I liked so many that I had a hard time choosing…certainly a good problem to have.

As a photographer, Sam has experience with stock, travel, and editorial shoots. This work has enabled him to travel around the world to places like Burma (Myanmar), China, South America, and Cuba. While Sam has been able to make a living as a stock photographer he is now focusing more on the travel and editorial aspects.  No matter what his subject is, he captures a moment beautifully. Powerful art brings out many emotions, and Sam’s photos do just that.

Sam has blended his experience as a photographer with his love of Reggae music in an ongoing series on the dancehall music’s culture. Regardless of how you feel about Reggae, you’re bound to enjoy the series given its movement, energy, and color. You can view Sam’s work here.